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The Story of Tampa's Pirate Invasion...
Pirates Log May 3, 1904

[read in pirate accent]
The sun dips below the horizon, casting shadows over the waters…

I, Captain Gaspar, stand at the helm of my formidable ship, the Floridablanca watching Tampa, a city ripe for plunder, lay before me.

The year is 1904, a time when legends are born and history is inscribed by the ink of daring deeds.

With costumes borrowed from the spirited streets of New Orleans, my crew and I, the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla, will embark on a journey that will etch our names into the annals of Tampa's history.

Tomorrow morning, we will arrive at the city's gates, a marauding force dressed in attire that screams rebellion and revelry.

The city's fate will be sealed as I, Captain Gaspar and Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla set foot on Tampa soil and demand the keys to the city.

For years to come, the city of Tampa will remember this day...
[Fast forward 120 years]

Each January, Captain Gaspar sails his pirate ship into Tampa Bay and demands the keys to the city.
The city is then "invaded" by pirates and pirate ships.

The residents of the city come out of the woodwork to dress & talk like a pirate and imbibe on grog.
This "invasion" has become known as GASPARILLA, and it takes place in the heart of Tampa, Florida in January.

Buccaneers on extravagant floats toss treasures (mostly beads) to the crowd, and pirate-themed sights fill downtown as Gasparilla unfolds its invasion.

Amidst the elaborate pirate revelry, Gasparilla Festival whispers a business lesson – the importance of embracing an identity.

When you adopt an identity, such as a pirate, it’s easier to “act” like a pirate if you’re dressed like a pirate, and speak like a pirate.

 Especially if others around you are also acting, dressed and talking like pirates.
In business, we often have to adopt an upgraded identity to become the leaders, to be more than we were.

We must evolve and develop into someone who can handle heavier responsibilities.

As Gasparilla's legacy sails through time, it underscores the significance of building a pirate community in the business realm.

Just as a pirate ship cannot sail with out a crew, a strong community can weather storms, conquer uncharted territories, and unlock treasures that solo ventures may not.

Unlock the potential of a pirate community for your business.

Get your pirates booty in the Free Training at

Chart a course for your destination to find your treasures
How a 5-year Old Turned His Fear Into Pizza...
On a crisp Friday morning, the anticipation of "pajama day" hung in the air as Owen, my spirited 5-year-old nephew, stood in the kitchen...

Without speaking, his eyes blinked and face contorted into a weird expression as his mom suggested buying pizza lunch.

He hesitated, opting to pack his lunch instead.

Without skipping a beat, Owen's mom raised an eyebrow, puzzled by his sudden change in demeanor.
"Why don't you want to buy pizza?" she probed gently, recognizing the oddity of his refusal.

In a hushed tone, Owen mumbled, "I don't want to get pizza; I just want to take my own lunch."

His tiny fingers clenched the edge of the lunchbox as if seeking reassurance from the familiar.

Intrigued, mom sensed there was more to the story.
At lunchtime, The cafeteria buzzed with excitement – the aroma of freshly baked pizza wafted through the air, eliciting excitement from hungry children.
Curiosity got the better of Owen as he peeked into the bustling pizza line.

His eyes widened, fixating on the bright yellow 'CAUTION HOT' sign positioned ominously below the pizza slices.

Now that he could read, the sight triggered an unexpected wave of fear, freezing him in his tracks.
A sea of classmates surged forward, each grabbing a slice with uninhibited joy.

Yet, Owen stood anchored, eyes locked on the sign.

The 'CAUTION HOT' sign transformed into a looming barrier, casting shadows of doubt across his eager face.
His teacher, Mrs. Doubtfire, observing the scene from a distance, noticed his concern.

As she approached him, Owen's small frame seemed swallowed by the vast sea of pizza enthusiasts, she could see he wanted pizza,

She asked him what he was thinking, he explained to her that he would like pizza, but he was scared of getting hurt around HOT things.

The 'CAUTION HOT' sign looming over the cafeteria's hot food section had become an unexpected source of fear for him.

She helped explain to him that it wasn't dangerously hot and showed him how to get pizza.

This innocent episode unveils a powerful lesson – sometimes, fear hides in unexpected places, affecting our decisions and creating an unnecessary barrier to what we really want...

You may not be afraid of a "Caution Hot" sign, but what barrier is between you and what you want?
Owen's pizza dilemma mirrors our own encounters with fear in business.

What caution signs are holding you back from savoring the success you crave?

Just as Owen navigated his pizza predicament with his teacher's guidance, mentorship can guide us through our fears and uncertainties in the business world.

Ready to find your "CAUTION HOT" fear and turn it into triumph?

Explore proven strategies at and turn caution into calculated moves. 
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Waiting for that "Special Occasion"
Picture this – a weekend grocery haul, aisles filled with tempting BOGO offers.

My normally expensive soy milk was on BOGO!! I stumbled upon a great deal on soy milk – buy one, get one free.

My frugal side rejoiced, and I grabbed more cartons than I could carry.

Little did I realize, this would lead to an unexpected twist.

I used the soy milks as I needed them...

As weeks passed, the soy milk, once a symbol of savings, sat patiently waiting in the back of my fridge.

The dates silently ticked along as the various cartons got their turn to shine.

Finally, when I was down to the last few, patting myself on the back and feeling proud of my thriftiness...

I opened one of the last ones and my excitement turned into disappointment as I smelled a sour surprise.

My grand stock-up plan had backfired, and I was left with cartons of spoiled soy milk.

The takeaway was evident – just like life, opportunities come with an expiration date, urging us to seize them before they turn sour

The thrill of a good deal can blind us to the perishable nature of certain items. Just like soy milk, business opportunities have a shelf life.

Ignoring the ticking clock can result in missed chances and sour outcomes.

This mishap led me to question my approach not just in grocery stocking...

but in business...

How often do we hoard ideas, waiting for the perfect moment?

The soy milk incident was a wake-up call – sometimes, immediate action is the key to seizing opportunities.

Don't let opportunities go sour, A.I. has been open to the public now for about a year.

Have you figured out how to harness it in your business?

In Content to Client, Learn how to recognize and seize the right moments of what's happening in the world to use them in your business before they sour.

Watch the new training up at Content To to learn how to utilize AI and turn timely insights into success.

Kat Rich
7 Most PRofitable Renovations
Why You Want Your HOuse On The MLS
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6 Ways to Get Top Dollar for Your Home as Interest Rates Rise
6 Ways to Get Top Dollar for Your Home as Interest Rates Rise
SOmetimes when y iou gotta sell, you gotta sell regardles sof what the market is doing…
Whether it’s the war in Ukraine, Covid 19, Fires in Canada/California, Hurricane in Florida… sometimes you just need to make things happen.
And lets be honest, the mortgage rates aer not high… we’ve just been spoiled seeing them so extremely low.
Here are 6 tricks and tips to make it hard for a potential buyer to walk away from your house.

1. Price it right and accurately, a decent price will bring them in and once they fall in love with you property, buyer psychology may make them want to pay more, bringing you a nicer bottom line.
2. Listen to your agent
While a so-so agent will tell you what you want to hear, a great agent will broach the tough subjects, including those that might bruise your ego. If your agent tells you to edit your closets so they look more spacious or to take all the family photos down, trust that they know what they're talking about.
3. Stage, stage, and stage some more
While professional home stagers possess a keen eye, they're not doing anything most of us can't do ourselves.
Get a storage unit and put your personal things in it to get them out of the house… Declutter each room and closet and think of it as though you’re creating a model home for photos…. Anything you would not imagine would be in a magazine photo is what needs to be removed.
4. Create curb appeal
The trick is to create so much curb appeal that buyers want to stop.
Make sure the lawn is mowed, hedges are trimmed, fresh mulch and fresh colorful flowers are in plain sight. The cost of soil, fertilizer, and flowers is an investment in selling the house.
5. Make it move-in ready
What's selling fast (even in this tight market) are move-in ready houses. This means no renovations needed, and it’s in tip top shape.
Few people have the time, energy, or extra cash after buying a home, to go in and make specific adjustments or renovations.
Bring in professional cleaners for windows, carpets, deep cleaning, complete all visible repairs.
6. Hide all signs of Fido, Spot and Mittens
Our dogs and cats pets are members of the family, but there are two good reasons to hide the fact they live with us.
1. Some people simply do not like pets in the house.
2. Some folks are allergic to pet dander and sensitive to pet smells
Plan on making sure the dogs are away from the house when there's a showing and that their pet bowls are hidden away. If you have a cat, it's a little trickier, but not impossible.
Although it feels like a scary time to be buying a house, it's an interesting time to be selling. Keeping these things in mind will maximize your possibilities of getting a decent price and selling quickly.
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